Remote controlled LED light bulb

Have you ever experienced an electric shock at some time, using a wall switch, just because your hands were wet with either water or even sweat? Who hasn’t?

Ever fallen asleep with your bed room light on? Many felt that they were unable to go back to sleep again after switching off your lights due to sleep break.

You certainly would have seen your elderly relatives or parents struggle to get out of a chair, just to switch on or switch off a light bulb. How many times did you have you to step in, just to save them the trouble?

How many times did you have to follow your kids to switch on or switch off their room lights, just because they cannot reach the wall switch yet?

Curious ? Ladies and gentlemen, all such troubles are now over.

Welcome to the “SMART SWITCH” generation.

The smart switch LED light bulb is like no other LED bulb in the market today. Smart switch can be operated with any REMOTE CONTROL UNIT in your home or where ever you choose to install it. With an operating radius of 10 Metres , you can switch on or switch off the smart bulb with any button on any remote controller, be it your DVD, AC, Television, etc.

It’s time to experience the convenience and improve the quality of your life as well as of those around you.

The birth of the SMART SWITCH LED bulb took place right here in Sri Lanka. Invented, manufactured and distributed by Global Resources (Pvt.) Ltd.

SMART SWITCH comes with a 1 year warranty and our number is on the box. A consumer can contact us or walk in to our office for any queries or complaints. Our staff and the office is at your service.


Type : LED Chip Bulb
Dimensions : 66 x 66 x 115 mm
Operating Method : Any infrared remote controller or wall switch.
Voltage : 220V –230V, 50Hz –60Hz
Wattage : 8W = 65W of regular filament bulb. 10W = 75W of regular filament bulb.
Lumens : 8W = 675Lm, 10W = 800Lm

Smart Switch

Smart Switch, the latest venture by Global Resources International (Pvt) Ltd. Smart Switch is a bulb holder that could be switched On and Off with any universal remote control, this unique product is the first of its kind to be 100% manufactured and marketed in Sri Lanka.

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Smart Switch is the ideal replacement for the household bulb holders that are currently in use Island wide and operated with the aid of a switch panel that requires to be switched on and off by reaching for it. You are able to fit any bulb, be it CFL, LED or Tungsten, the smart switch holder could be easily fixed to replace any holder and could also be used with any household electronic appliance that require an energy level of up to 300 watts.

Featuring a distinctive design, the holder’s sensor is designed to sync with the infrared, emitted by universal remotes. Smart Switch can be used with any household remote at hand to switch the bulb ON/OFF. The convenience presented through this is the defining aspect of the Smart Switch as one would be able to switch ON/OFF any bulb within a 10 metre radius, as long as there are no obstacles jamming the wavelengths, from the comfort of your chair, bed or current position without moving. Operating the Smart Switch is very easy as all the user has to do is point the remote control by leveling it to the bulb holder and press any button in the remote control. The Smart Switch comes with a one year comprehensive warranty.

Smart Switch is now marketed at an affordable price, the Smart Switch will be available throughout the Island.

Why do You Purchase

Smart Switch

  • Extremely useful for elderly and disable persons
  • It protects yourself rom any kind of electrical shok which could occurred when using electrical switches
  • You could save electricity as the unwanted lighting builbs even will long distance could be switch off instantly
  • Easily can be install by youself, it can be operated with any button of any kind of Remote Control