Uses of Smart Switch

  • This holder can be used with any type of bulb. (CFL, Tungsten, LED
  • It can operate with any button of any infrared remote control. (TV, DVD, AC, FAN, AUDIO PLAYER, etc.;)
  • It protects you from any kind of Electrical shock which could occur when using an electrical wall type switches.
  • You can operate the unit from a distance of 10 metres.
  • You save the electricity
    • As unwanted bulbs in use can be switch of instantly and remotely.
  • Can be used as an alternative switch for any Electrical and Electronic appliances

Why do You Purchase

Smart Switch

  • Extremely useful for elderly and disable persons
  • It protects yourself rom any kind of electrical shok which could occurred when using electrical switches
  • You could save electricity as the unwanted lighting builbs even will long distance could be switch off instantly
  • Easily can be install by youself, it can be operated with any button of any kind of Remote Control